ka-synth synthesizer (beta)

KA-22 Synthesizer (BETA)


KA-22 Synth is so good at sci-fi sounds you almost don’t need to do anything.
Soundtrackistanbul gives you even more power to create electronic music with KA-22Synth, a next-generation synthesizer.
his synthesizer is designed as a tool for easy creation of science fiction music making.
KA-22 is a powerhouse synthesizer offering multiple types of synthesis in the same plug-in. KA-22 is written in Csound. KA-22 is free.
64 bit MAC OS / Windows VST Cubase / Ableton / Reaper / FL Studio ( work for all DAWs using VST )
Why Csound ?
Csound is one of the oldest and most extensive audio programming languages in the world. It is still being actively developed by a team of dedicated programmers and has a huge user base. On top of that it has over 20 years worth of examples to play with. Did you know that Csound has always maintained backwards compatibility? This means that you can still render music written in the 80’s with the latest version of Csound.